Mellow Walk

Every pair of Mellow Walk safety shoes is designed and made in Toronto.  We find purpose in crafting footwear that meets the demanding needs of today's workers looking for comfort and durability.

Discover our exciting 30 products collection for men and women from our extensive stock program.  Athletic leisure, casual or light industrial styling safety shoes means that you can wear Mellow Walk anytime (even on Sunday) and everywhere!

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Vismo is the revolutionary spirit that is within us all.  That inner force that drives us forward in pursuit of a better world.  A better world for everyone.

Vismo's revolution has been already launched.  Vismo's objective is to create better footwear for work.  Vismo will strive to achieve this objective by working with the best suppliers and manufacturers in the world to generate new technologies and combine them with proven existing materials for the ultimate footwear for work.

Let it out and explore the 12 unique and innovative athletic safety shoes and safety boots collection.


The Magnum brand is sold in almost 100 countries around the world.  It is the first choice for law-enforcement, fire, security, ambulance, hospitality-service, health-service, construction, and industrial professionals.

Discover the 18 uniform or security 8'' or 6'' Magnum's boots collection available in Canada for men and women.  Magnum has always had a pioneering spirit wich ensure we as a company and our customers stay on step ahead.

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Wildfire #7996


Swenco , the parent company of, has been a trusted supplier to the safety footwear industry for more than 50 years.  As North America's largest manufacturer of OEM safety footwear components, we continue to deliver unique and innovative solutions to your safety needs while meeting the highest standards of quality and service.

Safety products should be easy to use, comfortable and fully protective.  That's the mandate behind Swenco's ever-growing line of STLFLX PPE products :  CSA certified Z334 steel toe overshoe, reusable neoprene overshoes, metatarsal and lace protector, puncture resistant insole, pocket knee pads and boot laces.

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Geroline K1

Geroline manufactures and distributes high-quality traction aids and anti-slip solutions essantial in preventing workplace slip and fall injuries that are a direct result of winter weather.  Geroline is committed to act as an extension of your health and safety team.  We share the same goal - to ensure every worker fulfills their job safely and goes home to their family every night.

The K1 series Midsole offers: one-size-fits-all, light weight traction, 3 different thickness (low, regular, high), intrinsic certified sparkproof option available. 

The K1 series Heelstop offers: original heel only, traction aid for ice & snow, 4 sizes (M, L, XL, XXL), intrinsic certified sparkproof option.

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The feet box

Finally a suitable and adapted steel toe socks collection for hard workers.

Each pair of the TW sock series provide to workers: strategic cushioned zone for a maximum  comfort and protection, high performance elastic ribs support to hold sock in place, strategic reinforced zone for a maximum durability and selected and adapted content for each season  to have dry, protected and comfortable feet.

The TW steel toe sock series is a 6 styles sock collection or 2 styles adapted per season (winter, spring-fall, summer).  Each style is available in 4 sizes: XS, S, M and L.